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Ljubljana in Slovenia
Rovinj in Croatia
Plitvicka national park in Croatia
Veli Losinj in Croatia
A cove on Osjak island in Croatia....: Only for us!!
A "lounge" bar, purched on a cliff near Dubrovnik citadel
Greek danse ....
The Greek food
Mathilde, Gemma, Sofia & Giorgia...
We love  this place .....  Kalamitsi in Greece
Sarti : a huge beach (the most beautiful in Greece)
Kougla .... a dog we met in Greece (we miss her a lot !)
National Park in Pamukkale in Turkey (Unesco heritage)
Recycling ... A plane door (special nod to Sebastien !)
Cappadocia (Turkey) : a lunar-like decor!
Simply Turkish people ..... "Kindness & Generosity".
The real Iranian hospitality !!! Fantastic!!
The Iranian food: rich and varied !!
Iran : Sattar, our special friend!
Qeshm island in Iran ... beautiful !!!
2 days outdoor in the desert of Dubai
Invitation to an Omanese wedding with Saeed
The gorge, mountains, canyons in the northern part of Oman
The Omanian "Wadi" (dozens ...)
The wonderful and desert beaches in Masirah island in Oman
The rockies in the south of Oman
Swimming with the dolphins in the south of Oman
Al fizaya beach in the south of Oman
The mountains and the streams in Kirghizistan
Issyk-Kol lake in Kirghizistan
Cheryn canyon in Kazakhstan
Kids everywhere !!!
Our 5 days trip with the Tsaatan tribe in Mongolia
The various national parks in Mongolia
3 big Bouddhist temples remaining in Mongolia
Mongolian roads! an ordeal but also a great playground
The traditional Mongolian outfits
Baikal lake in Russia ... amazing by its size and beauty!
The Japonese onsen and especially the one in Naoshima island
Nara park in Japan with its 1200 deers
The Japanese temples
Autumn in Japan
The sand museum in Tottori in Japan
Kyoto's bamboo forest
The Japanese food
The Japanese roofs
Cars and campers in Japan
Waterfalls in Philippines
Snorkeling in Philippines
The Tarsiers (the smallest monkey in the world) in Philippines
Bacuit archipelago in Philippines
The Jeepneys ... Philippines'buses !
Malaysian people, simply !!!
Our conference in the ’university of Kuala Perlis in Malaysia
Bathu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
The Chinese new year in Penang island, Malaysia
Georges Town city in Penang island, Malaysia
The snorkeling on the East coast, Malaysia
Diving in Tioman island, Malaysia
A day in the elephants' sanctuary in Malaysia
Kapas Turtle Resort guest house in Kapas island, north east Malaysia
Singapour. The ultra modern style besides chlorophyll with authentic areas !
The Baboon House restaurant in Malaka, Malaysia
Offbeat atmosphere: a gallery, a place for mini concerts with recycling decoration
With amazing burgers !
Simply Indonesian people... even more warm than Malaysian people ! That is indicative!
Pulau Banyak archipelago in the west coast of Sumatra in Indonesia
The arrival of Nelly and Sam for 3 weeks in Sumatra in Indonesia
Yumos workshop in Semarang, Indonesia (Java)
Before !
During !
And after !
A real work of art!
A perfect replica of a Porche from the 60´s!
<< 100% handmade » concept made of Aluminium
The Bromo volcano in Java
The colorful village of Malang in Java
Nusa Penida Island in Bali, Indonesia
The Balinese culture and architecture
Notre sceance photo a Bali
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An atypical resto-bar in Lembongan island near Bali
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Back to Bali to meet our Russian friends Sergei and family...
Our speech in ILRU 4  (see the details in “Indonesia”)
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The team of the documentary in Indonesia ... a great moment !!
A day with the Indonesian minister of tourism
A campsite for one night in Bromo volcano, Java
Meetings in Indonesian schools
So polite and respectful...
Indonesian hymn sung by the students at school!
Rinjani volcano, Lombok
Komodo islands, Flores
Les 3 lacs de Kelimutu à Florès en Indonesie
Notre bivouac seul au monde sur une île de Rutong à Florès en Indonesie
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ou etes vous

  • il y a 3 ans


Ah, je comprends mieux pourquoi ça ressemblait à Venise.
J'ai vu les photos en bloc et la légende indiquait la Croatie tout au long du diaporama.

  • il y a 3 ans