Hard times

Publiée le 31/05/2016
Our hard times .... For The fun !

Not on the moment ! Later !


Our Plexiglass is broken.... quick repair...And let's go!
Leakage in our dirty waters tank. Bad luck!
Sea urchin thorn.. My foot remembers it!
We treat it the best as we can ...
Great! I slipped & fell from the car: wound + bruise  !!!!In the morning !!
: A Few modifications:
Zampetas workshop in Thessaloniki. (with Toni, Alexandro, Babis)
-30 degrees at night  ...pump frozen and heater broken !!
At least, we did not get any injury! Invoice : 80€
Hassan who spent hard time to fix our heater in Iran...
One of the electrodes of our heater which was damaged !!
The engineers who had built a "handmade" electrode...
Mild discomfort..... But at least, Philippe did not get any injury! (Iran)
Having our rear and front breaks fixed In Iran: bill 0 € + meal offered !
Stuck In the sand for the 1st time! We have decided to deflate our tyres for a half...
First flat tyre! But an Omanese guy stopped to help us !!
Blowout tyre ! In Sur (Oman). Overheat and Korean cheap quality !!!
Breakdown service to a workshop In Sur ... Bill: 0€ !

Shattering entrance in Russia (customs)

 1 st trouble: a mistake in my visa, I would be Kazakh??!! Interview in a KGB style in an office with policemen and a translator. I have to proove that i am French, talking about my life in details since my birth. Ok done! (ouf).

Next ... not better

2 nd trouble: i have some medicine made of paracetamol which contains tramadol. Unlucky because this is forbidden in Russia; it can be an additive to make some drugs. They had to take some pictures with the box of medicines in my hands like if i would hold 1 kg of cocaine. Some pictures in front of the plate of our car. Attestation, etc. 5h with the customs. Great. But they really apologized because this is the procedure and if they don't do the job, they would risk sanctions from the big boss. And this is true. We left in good term and with jokes !

Next... not acceptable!

3 rd trouble : 1 km after the customs, a man bloked our way! "Passport - dollars - documents of the car" and pointing his "fake" office: "you have to take an insurance for your car" he screamed! Regarding to several bad stories of travelers, we refuse it! for sure, he is a fake insurance company (contract only written in mongol., no document to proove his activity, but most of all very aggressive). Then he started to take some videos, we tried to go on but he always bloked the way. After one hour, and because of our anger and fermness, he finally gave up. Advise to te travelers: do not ever surrender even if it takes a long time!

We broke our air suspensions in Mongolia because of the bumpy roads : 18€ !
Miles from anywhere and out of gaz! Our fuel filter was clogged (second tank)

Car services after the damages in Mongolia !

The pressure fuel hose had to be fixed / The 4 tyres had to be replaced by strong 4  off road tyres / the 2 rims had to be replaced because too damaged  / the 2 shock absorbers had to be replaced because too old and too used .... 

Thanks to Batmunkh for his help!
we met a tree on our way ! Result : urgency repair!
The consequences of the roads in Mongolia ...
See the details of this long story in "Russia" part
The Cabin was completely destroyed!
Same for our "home" !
Always helped by the local people and friends ...
Ferry : Corée du Sud - Philippines

Vol durant le shipping Corée du Sud - Malaisie

Durant les 2 mois de transfert du véhicule en bateau certains se sont fait Noël avant l’heure ! Résultat : ordi, iPad, portable, enceinte bose, chargeur port, disque dur externe, jumelle, sac et chapeau ... mais surtout notre masquotte Zebrakid !!!

Résultat de la puce des sables (sandfly)
Séjour à l’hopital de Penang pour un Check Up complet
We met some « jelly fish » (Méduses)
Bis repetita : after The Philippines, we met the sandflies again in Malaysia
Changement des plaquettes de frein car pièce cassée. Ça chauffe dans les descentes !
Brûlure qui s’est transformée en infection cause bactérie (Indonésie)
Barre de transmission avant cassée cause usure en Indonesie
Complete check up at Dwiko's workshop in Jakarta
Panne électronique à Bali ... direction garage !
Suite ...
Nouvelle décision ...
Les chauffeurs de la dépanneuse
Grace a Doddy (ami de Dwiko) nous allons enfin voir le bout du tunnel de nos emmerdes !
On a du temps ... on en profite pour apporter des améliorations à notre Zebramobile
L’equipe de Heru
Des inondations à Flores (Indonésie) ont raccourcies le documentaire de 4 jours.
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los portougaich y zon ganiech bises

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tu aurais du faire un stage en ariege nous la neige on connais ??????? jeje

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vous voila arrivé au bout d'un petit calvaire , malheureusement il y en aura d'autres ,car les pays ne sont tous pas "équipé jap" alors vous avez voulu le club med , vous avez signé donc vous ........... courage quand meme et bisous le décor suffit

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