Week 3 🏥 🏫

Publiée le 10/06/2021
Now, organization and accustomation are implemented., but the discoveries still continue every days...😉

Tuesday, 8th

A morning too calm on that day, little boring I would say 😅.

At around 11.30 PM, Calisto arrived and asked me to help him for a treatment. The patient was a baby of 2 years with his parents, he was crying a lot and burnt himself with a firehood (here it's the local way to cook). The wound  (localisated on the buttoc) was small but it was infected so Calisto had to extract the infection. However, the small child was not anaesthetized (Calisto said it was because his age...) and I was very surpized of that... I can't explain you how I felt but it was terrible! I was supposed to keep the child firmly so he couldn't move while Calisto removed the wound hardly... I thought it was good for make him healed but before the end, I had to leave the room , it was so painful for me to see and keep this baby crying.

Another time, this situation reflects the small grade of this dispensary and the less of ways it has...

On the afternoon, I made a class with the PP2 at the school🥰 and then, I went to the lake!🏞️

Wednesay, 9th

I was just arrived at the hospital and patients was already here. So I began the registeration, took heights,  weights, blood pressures, asked for the age,  living place...... (many datas are required for the health). 

Then, because it was an "imunization day" (it means a day when mothers can come for the vaccins of their child (between 0 and 3 years), I took the mensurations of the babies and help Calisto for register the vaccins given. However, I felt a little bit panicked because Calisto asked me to do many things (medical or administration things) which I have never known! So I try to do my best and to enrich my knowledge seing the others working.

After lunch, I went to the school and made an activity I have prepared with the grade 2. It was complicated for them and I must say it is difficult for me to have an idea of their competences because their school level are lower than school levels of french pupils... however it was fun!😁

Thursday, 10th

Today, I have lived an experience i will NEVER FORGOT.

I was in the consultation room with Wyclife, I really appreciate him because he loves share his knowledge, explain me everything and he is always calm, smyling and warm awards me and his patients.🙏

So, because the patients are many and there is only one clinical officer, the exams must be done quikly. In the morning, we saw 10 patients and the majority of them was here because of "Malaria" or for HIV drugs (those ones are called "clients"). By the bye, Wyclife shew me how to do a MRDT (Malaria rapid diagnosis test) an I have made 2! (for that, you need to jab a finger and remove one blood drop).

However, there was others cases like a septic wound localisated on the ankle, otitis and a pregnant woman supposed to deliver at the end of this month! This time was just unbelievable and unforgettable! I felt through the mother's abdomen the head of the baby and I listened his heart beating with a very old instrument👀. It was magic! ✨

Friday, 11th

I went to the school the morning. In a first time, i organised a run with the olders (they really liked it and it was very fun😁) , then, I've continued the english activity with them. I like teach🤩

The afternoon, there were no school because of funerals, so I stayed at home until 6PM, when I went to run!!🏃‍♀️ it was amaaazing, at the end, I met pupils who went back from school. Seeing me running, they ran next to me!!😮🤩 I felt so good

Fresh fish is my daily 😍
My little brother 👩‍👦
Saturday, 12th
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