Wwoofing at "kempings Zanzibara", Latvia

Publiée le 17/09/2018
During two weeks, we are wwoofing at the campsite Zanzibara near Riga. We help Zane, Sebastian and Andis to look after the beautiful park as well as the two forest places. Louis and Célian are also very much enjoying the place which offers a lot of different activities.

Besides working, we spend many nice moments together. Thank you for all !
Louis and Célian turn into quite professionnal canoe taxi drivers.
The daily squash session.
The famous beer box climbing !
Sebastian, kite-surf instructor, teaching Bruno.
Excursion to the old town of Riga, THE city of art nouveau architecture.
When you see this kind of road signs, you are quite glad having taken the bus...
Like a real Latvian, Louis quickly adopted their passion for mushroom picking.
Simple, but just delicious !
Another latvian speciality is smoked fish (Zivis) which one can find all along the coast.
Oops, this road looks a bit sandy. Too late, we are stuck !
At Kolka, the baltic sea is slowly "eating" the forest on the shore.
Excursion to Kuldiga, a very beautiful hanseatic town.
Still in Kuldiga, Europe's largest waterfall (249 m).
10 km from Zanzibara, Salaspils concentration camp.
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Ihr glücklichen 5! Ihr seht so happy aus! Ihr könnt soooo viel erleben in so kurzer Zeit! Und Louis, ich könnte glatt in Dein Pilz-Brot beissen. Das macht einem gerade hungrig! Ich liebe Pilze! Danke für Euren unterhaltsamen Zwischenbericht aus Lettland! Liebe Grüsse aus der Schweiz!

  • il y a 4 ans