Wwoofing at Skogmo farm

Publiée le 10/08/2018
We have just finished our sencond wwoofing in Norway which happened very spontaneously. It was initially planned for 1 week and finally lasted 10 days !

Again, we got to see a beautiful place, to meet interesting people and to do funny tasks such as milking the goats, feeding the bucks, go and get them back home when lost in the mountains, cutting trees and make wood chips for their barn, hay-making in order to provide them food for winter, etc. We also went strawberry-picking twice.

During this time, we also observed a spectacular change of temperatures : they fell from over 31° (and the first ever tropical night in the area) to only 12° the next day.

Not as easy as it may seem to cut branches with goats all around !
The next generation of norvegian shepards is practicing.
Time to go back home.
Quite a fair deal : You give me food, I give you milk.
International cooperation
Cleaning all the small bits and pieces before installing the new milking station.
Replacing the old lights in the barn.
Impressive rockfall on the mountain above the farm.
And here we go : the happy troop of wwoofers and their hosts !
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bonjour à tous les quatre. d'aprés ce que nous voyons votre voyage se passe bien. espérons que vous fassiez de belles rencontres et que vous ayez plein de choses et souvenirs à partager.. bisous, famille francois bara.

  • il y a 2 ans


Ihr macht euch gut als Ziegen-Hirten! So schöne Bilder!

  • il y a 2 ans