Lithuanian Network

Publiée le 18/01/2019
The rail network is not a lot developed, the best network is the bus network or taxi which are dirt cheap compared with the Western Europe.

The bus and Trolleybus in Vilnius begin their service at 5h30 AM and stop at 10h30 PM approximately. The ticket cost 1 euros when you payed in the bus but you can buy a rechargeable card which have been a better price.

In Lithuania a road network is a good solution to move or travel. The principal road network was in a good condition, but de secondary road network is to lowest quality. The highways in Lithuania are free so it’s a useful to travel.

Car rental can be a good solution because the price is low against France (3 euros for a day in Lithuania and 10 euros minimum for the same car in France).

The liaisons with other countries in Europe are simple and low-prices with bus, boat, train or plane.

Finally the tourist transport, like bus spin, boat spin, minibus, segway…

Lithuania road distance map
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