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Our journey in Erasmus is going to take place in Lithuania in the city of Vilnius. We are going to study in the university Technicologique ( VGTU ).


Lithuania is a country of the Northern Europe situated near the Baltic Sea. Lithuania counts three million habitants. Her capital is Vilnius, its currency the euro, and its official language the Lithuanian. Lithuania is the most Southern and the biggest Baltic States. Moreover it’s also the most populated and the most tourist. The republic of Lithuania is member of the European Union since May 1st, 2004 and it’s a member of the Schengen area. Lithuania integrated the Eurozone recently on January 1st, 2015. 

Lithuania is the largest of Baltic States. It’s bordered to the north by Latvia, to the south-east by Belarus, to the west by the Baltic Sea and to the south-west by Poland and Russia. The relief is very flat and the highest point is Juozapine Kalnas to 294 m high. The Baltic coast stretches for about 100 km. Fauna and flora are very developed. More than a quarter of Lithuania is covered by forests, especially the south-west of the country. There are elk, deer, wild boars, wolves and lynx that populate the woods. Lithuania also serves as a refuge for some 2,000 otters. The country has five national parks and several nature reserves.

Go in Lituania

To go to Lithuania, we can use several means:
- by plane : the best price to go to Lithuania, it’s for 30 euros with a backpack on you. The prices are very attractive thanks to AirBaltic (provides Riga-Vilnius flights several times a day, and Tallinn-Vilnius flights almost every day).

-by bus: Simple Express offers the cheapest transport between the Baltic countries and Lithuania, among which : Riga-Vilnius, Tallinn-Vilnius and Riga-Kaunas.
-by car: The three Baltic States being in the Schengen area, there is no control at the borders between Lithuania and Latvia. If you wish to cross the border by car rental, notify the company that owns the vehicle.
- by train : Vilnius-Riga is no longer a direct link. It is possible to make the trip, but you have to change and wait 6 hours at the Rēzekne 2 train station in Latvia. The bus is much more convenient. By train, the Vilnius-Tallinn route is surprisingly complicated: 2 train changes and 36 hours of travel. 

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