Transport in Vilnius

Publiée le 16/05/2019
The easier transport in Vilnius is the bus. In Vilnius there are a lot of trolley bus to.

We can go everywhere in Vilnius but in every other place only with bus. For example, we live out of Vilnius and we can go in the city center in only 35 minutes, and we can go in Trakai (40 minutes) with a bus. Moreover, the bus is useful because it’s not expensive. For one mouth of subscription of bus for the student it’s 5.80 euros and for travel to Trakai it’s 0.90 euros for student and 1.80 for normal people.

Taxi it’s another option when you want to move in Vilnius or around Vilnius. With the application we can have taxi every time and it’s not expensive. To go in the city center we paid 5 euros, so when you are 4 or more it’s really ships. And the taxi drivers are friendly when they speak English. And for finish almost all taxi cars in Vilnius are Toyota Prius because it’s hybrid cars.

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