Publiée le 16/05/2019
During our Erasmus we came a lot to go out, we discovered the new pubs through Vilnius.

Report by Arthur Masson

The favorite drink of Lithuanians seems to be beer, either the Lithuanian or that of the east, it is much cheaper than it is in France, up to 2 euros a pint for less. Lithuanians are also fond of strong alcohol, you can consume by consuming, shooter, without diluent in pure alcohol. In most bars there is ambient music, free dart targets and foosball. In many bars we find beer-pong tables. The beer-pong is an activity where two teams throw ping-pong balls into the cups of the opposing team, the losing team must finish their beer. In this discipline we must admit that Lithuanians are particularly adroit whatever their blood alcohol level.

During the summer we see the appearance of a large terrace in the city center open early during afternoon from late evening it is preferred to work outdoors or have a good time.

In the evening Lithuanians cannot buy alcohol from 20h they have no choice but to go to town to drink a beer. The bars are filled every night of the week with a peak of attendance on weekends. given their regulations, it is forbidden for people under 20 years of age to consume alcohol since 2010.

Vilnius being an old town a lot of bars are in the cellars, bringing a crazy charm to the nightlife.

beer pong
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