Publiée le 19/04/2016
vroum .... vroum !

How :

Choose an itinerary: 5 continents for 100 visited countries in 10 years 

Find a 4x4 Pick Up with the capacity to go almost everywhere, with a small space, but completed with all the necessary facilities (sleeping area with a comfortable mattress, kitchen corner, and bathroom with toilets)

We have chosen a Land Rover Defender adapted with a complete equipment. We bought a second-hand car (model 2000 with 150000 kms) and gave it a «facelift »

Special thanks to Sébastien (for mecanic and paint) and Franck (outside decoration)

And now we gave a new nickname to our Def’: The « Zebramobile »

The advantages of the "interactive sharing": with our deco-sticker world map, we will draw our route and wit our blog, we will share pictures, videos and comments.

The administrative documents: the most difficult, the longest and the less fun!

Everything hinges on it: Passports, international licence, vaccinations, medical check-ups, various doctors documents, European health insurance card, travel insurance, car registration document, roadworthiness tests for the car, carnet de passage, photographs with and without headscarf for Eva (well, yes!), dozens of photocopies, checklists for things "to remember", guide books, balise spot, blog, visas, administrative specificities like for China, Myanmar or Vietnam, music and movies playlists, iPhone apps to download, sorting post, bank cards, telephone subscriptions, mechanical vehicle training, search for sponsors, visit cards etc.

Prepare a party with our friends and family to celebrate our leaving date: 20th may 2016

The next step is setting a date for our departure (one way …). 

Soon we go !

Saturday, 18th june 2016 !

The route
The dining room ....
The kitchen ...
In focus ....
The final touch !
The big day!!
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Quelle aventure !!! Nous vous suivrons avec intérêt ! Bon voyage :)

  • il y a 3 ans


Vous êtes bien équipés !!

  • il y a 3 ans


Bon voyage ! ! !
Je pense à vous ! ! !

  • il y a 3 ans


les petits loups je vous souhait un super tour du monde car vous le mériter bien . Faite attention a vous et on reste en contact.

  • il y a 3 ans


hello les zebres

  • il y a 3 ans