Day 54 - Tortuga Bay

Publiée le 10/06/2019
Tortuga Bay is surely the most beautiful and famous beach of the Island: white sand, clear water, snorkel gears and kayak renting .. it has been a really nice day !

It is easy to walk from Puerto Ayora city center to Tortuga Bay, it will take you approximately 30 minutes until the entrance of the reserve. Again you will have to sign up in order to access the park. From the main office to the beach, the walk. is 2,5 km long. Once you arrive on the beach, the landscape is breathtaking 

It is forbidden to swim on the main beach, but the lady at the front desk told us that there was a creek on the other side of the beach, where we were able to swim, snorkel et rent kayaks. I had the chance to observe marine turtles.

However on Tortuga Bay you will have the chance to observe hundreds of iguanas laying on the beach, under the sun, or just posing for you to take the best picture possible. 

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