Day 93 - 3 Days of Scuba Diving

Publiée le 03/08/2019
For my birthday, my parents offered me the Padi first level: The open water certificate, which would allow me to dive freely down to 18 meters. What are better place to do it with two friends, on the Caribbean coast ?

In Taganga you have a lot of diving schools which would offer you the best deals you would find. I personally went with Ocean Scuba, the biggest one you could find in the little beach city. For $260 US, you will have 6 dives (2 per days) in the ocean, a certified instructor and the best memories ever. 

Officially, on the first level of Padi, you are allowed to dive down to 18 meters, but on the second day we went down to 22 meters. The sensation is crazy, feeling this pressure on your face and lungs is incredible. 

I took time to take some incredible pictures, I am sharing with you. 

Diving team
Finding Nemo
Into deep
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