Day 77 - Historic city center

Publiée le 01/07/2019
Second day in Cali, time to get to know more about the founding of the city, its people and the local specialities.

For this tour we are meeting again with people, who will this time take us around downtown: on the way we will visit the main points of interests of downtown Cali, the plaza mayor, hear about the history of the riots which happened decades ago, the switch of governors etc..

Unlike the tours from yesterday, Paul was more focussing on the history of the people, rather than on the history of Salsa in Cali. Nothing to do with dancing this time. It was really interesting. 

The tour finishes in the barrio San Antonio, which is considered as the hippie/artistic neighborhood. Full of graphs and colors, it is a really nice place to stay while being in Cali.

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