Day 115 - Salt Cathedral

Publiée le 20/08/2019
Located 2 hours away from Bogota, in the north, you will find the city of Zipaquira. It is known for the Catedral de sal, an underground cathedral built in an old salt extraction site, considered now as the 1st architectural spot in Colombia

From the Candaleria, you can either take the public transportation towards the northern terminal (Puerta del Norte), it will take you about 45 mins to 1h to reach to bus terminal. From there, catch a collectivo on the side of the main road, which indicates Zipaquira, for 8 000 pesos. The bus will drop you off downtown. If you have time you can walk to the touristic site, located in the hills behind the city; or take a cab to take you to the main entrance for cheap. 

The main entrance of the church

The regular ticket is 60 000 pesos, for the self guided tour and audioguide. it is the cheapest one, and it is already really expensive, but according to me it is worth it. 

The visit starts with the cross path, before getting into the main church. It is really impressive. Follow the numbers indicated on the wall and you will have the best explanations, according to me, no need to take a guided tours. 

Here under are some of the pics I took during my visit. 

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