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From the 11th to the 14th all of my friends I have been travelling with in Colombia met us in El Rio hostel, a hostel lost in the jungle with no Wifi. It was an epic week of celebration for my birthday ... we ended up staying until the 17th of July

My birthday was officially on the 12th of July, but it started as soon as we got to El Rio Hostel, located near by Buritaca, a small city an hour away from Tayrona Park, up north. From Santa Marta, take the blue bus and tell the driver to drop you at el rio hostel, actually at the entrance of the road which leads you to the hostel's entrance. from the road you have to walk 30 minutes or take a moto taxi for 3 000 pesos. They will put you big backpack in the front between their arms, and you'll jump on the back seat. Here we go ! 

As I told you, El Rio hostel is located in the middle of the jungle, next to a river where you can go tubing. It has a huge bar, an open barbecue, restaurant, a beach volley ball court, a pool table, bed dorms, hammocks and private rooms. Sincerely, right after we checked in, the party started (we have checked in at 12pm). My birthday Celebration started and it was going to be wild ! 

Each of my friend brought a liter and a half of rhum and some coke. It was 7 of us .. And of course we have consumed alcohol in the bar as well, playing beer pong, dice games and people offered me shots for my birthday. 

The main activities during the day were: 

- Morning tubing: get a cooler with beers, a tub and hike up the river for 40 minutes. Once at the starting point, the music was running, drinking beers, and having a blast while floating down the river. 

- Beach Volley Ball: No need to explain I guess, you all know what is beach volley 

- Party hard all night long. 

Here are the only pictures and memories I have from this week. IT WAS EPIC ! 

Tubing experience

Special thanks for those who were there with me and with who I spent the best birthday party of my life: 

  • Ryan 
  • Michael 
  • Faby 
  • Dan 
  • Arlo 
  • Marina 
  • Fleur 
  • Freya 
  • Jaxon 
  • Jimmy 
  • Tim 
  • James 
  • Yasmin 
  • and many others .. 

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