Day 57 - Back to Montanita

Publiée le 16/06/2019
It is 9 am when my flight takes off from the small airport of San Cristobal. Though the window I take a last look at the archipelago before it gets lost in the vast ocean. 3 hours later I am back on the continent, in the city of Guayaquil.

A quick lunch and it is time to say goodbye to my Canadian friends. They will stay one night in Guayaquil while I will try to jump into a bus back to Montanita. 

The bus terminal is few minutes away from the airport, really easy to go there. Once in the big building, people will yell different destinations and will tell you they have the most confortable and cheaper deals. For any bus trips you wanna do in South America, I would advice you to take a first look at the several bus companies, as well as the comments. Trust me it will help you once you get to one of the crowded bus terminal throughout the continent. From Guayaquil to Montanita, there is actually only one bus company which is doing the route in 3 hours: CLP. It costs $6, and the bus leaves every hour. It is 1:30pm when I buy my ticket, thinking I could onto the 2pm bus. But the guy in the office tells me it is already fully booked so I will have to wait for the 3pm bus, which means I wouldn’t be in Montanita before 7pm. 

Back to Hidden House for few days

Luckily an old man walks by me and asked me if I wanted to switch my bus ticket with his, as he had a booking for the 2pm bus. Hallelujah ! I thank him, pick my stuff and go to the boarding area. I will finally arrive at 6pm at the hostel hidden house, where I was staying the last time I came to Montanita. Another important thing about buses: if they tell you it is a 3hours driving, it always takes 1 to 2 hour more if you are lucky enough. The reason ? It is usually a local bus and the driver makes several stops for the people to hop on and off the bus. 

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