Day 80 - Good bye Cali, Welcome Salento

Publiée le 01/07/2019
This morning we are heading towards the bus terminal Of Cali in order to reach the city of Salento located in the coffee area, in the mountains.

 In order to get there, we have to take a minibus to the city of Armenia, 4 hours away, then switch for a local bus which will drop you in the city center of Salento. All of this will cost you less than 30 000 pesos, so approximately 7 euros. 

Salento is a really cute and colorful town, located in the mountains. On the first day we had only the time to reach the mirador. From the main plaza, walk up the super colored street towards the stairs which you will have to climb to get to the mirador. From there you will have a nice view over the valley and the city center. 

There is a lower mirador where you watch the sunset over the Cocora valley, where we will hike the next day. 

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