Day 76 - first day in Cali

Publiée le 30/06/2019
Cali is known around the world for being the capital city of Salsa, over there everything is about dancing or leaning how to dance salsa.

As usual, when we arrive in a new city, the best way to get to know its story is by doing the free walking tours. Our guide Paul, really friendly, taught us a lot about Cali’s history, which is closely linked to dancing. 

He took us around the city center and the famous plaza de la trompetas, where he taught us some salsa moves. Next to this plaza, a wall full of graphs representing the different symbols of the city, in the middle of it, we could read the sentence : Cali es cali - y lo demas es loma, which stands for Cali is Cali - the rest doesn’t count.

The rest of the tour was focusing on who was considered the pioneer of salsa music: Jairo Varela Martinez, founder of Grupo Niche. A museum have been build above the main plaza and people around the world come visit it. You will learn a lot during this tour, and understand a bit more why Cali is called the world capital of salsa.

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