Day 82 - Coffee Tour and Copa America

Publiée le 02/07/2019
In the morning we decided to go on a coffee tour. Among the hundreds of tours you can find, I think we had the best and cheapest tours. It is called Las Acacias. You can get a taxi for 15000 pesos from the main plaza which would drop you off there.

Once you arrive a lady offers you free coffee (arabica of course). Once finished, we meet our guide Christian who will take us around the coffee plantation while explaining us the method of growing and picking coffee.

Christian explaining the process of coffee growing

First things first, growing coffee is not an easy task. Nowadays it is getting harder and harder to grow some unless it is a family business, for one main reason: the demand on the coffee is lowering down. In fact, the price of the coffee seeds, ready for use, is so cheap locally compare to the price anywhere else around the world. Farmers are struggling. I will not enter the details of the tours because it will spoil you, and trust me it is a must thing to do in the region.

walking the coffee plantation

On the afternoon, Colombia was playing his second game of the Copa America against Quatar. It was not a really interesting game but it was a reason good enough to go to a local bar enjoy the support of local people behind their team. Colombia won 1-0 and made a big step forward for the qualification into the quarter finals. Confirmation a week later against Paraguay. 

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