Day 79 - Happy birthday Jasmin

Publiée le 01/07/2019
During the free walking tours we have met this girl from England, who was celebrating her birthday few days later.

Later that day, we have met her again at her hostel for a birthday celebration... in the same bar we were the day before for the football game. The waiters warmly welcomed us, as they remembered how crazy the previous night was. 

To celebrate it, she invited us to a paintball in the morning. It was a lot of fun, playing paintball with 11 other people. 

It was weird to play paintball in a area which had suffered from the Cartels and civil war. Some locals were playing next to us and they were giving 200% to the game. 

Even if the violence and criminality had significantly diminished, paintball remains an activity in which people can simulate war ... and it looks like they love it. 

There was this guys, we called him the terminator. He arrived with his own gear : two guns, glasses, bullet proof vest, and military outfit. When he entered the field he started shooting everywhere. Madness. 

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