Day 114 - Bogota Free walking Tours

Publiée le 20/08/2019
As usual, we took the typical free walking tours to get to Know the city better and its history.

For me, the free walking tours remains the best way to explore a city, and get to know its history. So today we decided to join the tours which was starting at 2pm on the afternoon, in front of the gold museum (one of the most touristic place Bogota). To get there from our hostel, we choose to go through the main avenue, which starts from La plaza Bolivar, known for the events which occurred there, but also for the scenes in the series Narcos. 

On a Sunday, the streets are crowded, people are hanging out. The buildings are decorated and some street performers bring some music, shows or dance moves. The overall atmosphere really got us. 

Free walking tours

The guide will take you around the main streets of la Candelaria and the historic center of Bogota. He will give you a lot of recommendations about what to see, what to do and where to go. Really interesting tours, and after if I think it was my favorite one so far in Colombia. 

In la Candelaria, he took us in a really narrow street, one of the first ones of Bogota, where we got into a cafe to try el Chuculate. It is in all points similar to chocolate, but made out of seeds, no chocolate included, nothing but seeds. Crazy cause it does taste like chocolate. 

After this short break, the tour continues into the artistic neighborhood. Bogota is known for its graffitis. There is an interesting story the guide will tell you about the evolution of graffitis in the city. It use to be forbidden and since few years, it is now tolerated, at only one condition ... have the permission of the owner, to paint on his wall. 

At the end of the tours, the guide will give some advices about where to eat traditional dishes, or drink the Chocolate con queso (hot chocolate in which you dip a peace of cheese, really tasty). 

Street art
Chocolate con queso
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