Day 56 - Back to San Cristobal and last day in the Galapagos

Publiée le 16/06/2019
Today we are taking the ferry back to San Cristobal at 2pm, from where we will take a flight back to Guayaquil early the next day. Once in San Cristobal we will sleep in the same hostel as we were in on the first day. Later that day, we will go back to Playa Mann to witness one last time the sunset

After this week in the Galapagos I have mixed feelings about the archipelago. In my thoughts the islands were unhabited, full of animals and few, if it’s none tourists. However I have been really surprised by how the tourist business is the main occupation on the archipelago. Of course I do not regret my experience because it was part of my bucket list. I guess that the experience there is not the same wether you decide to travel on a budget or take a cruise for one week (around $500/day). 

But after all, if you have the opportunity to go the Galapagos, do not hesitate, it is a once in a life experience and I will never forget the moments I have spent there. 

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