Day 110 - Detox in Santa Marta

Publiée le 09/08/2019
After a week of complete party, it was time to leave this beautiful place in the Jungle and go back to civilization in Santa Marta (again)

We were exhausted and had to rest for a couple days before doing anything else. It was also a sad moment cause we were all splitting up: 

- In el Rio we said goodbye to Marina, Fleur, Jimmy and the whole staff 

- Dan, Faby and Yasmin left us to go to Minca, and later the boys were going back to El Rio volunteering 

- Arlo went back Taganga to meet with his friend 

- Michael left the same day as us, but earlier to Cartagena. The next day he was flying back to Peru 

Only Ryan was remaining with me. The Colombian trip started with us two a month and a half ago, and will end with us two. Isn't it beautiful ? We were planning on going to Bogota together in three days. 

We havent done much during our stay in Santa Marta, swimming pool, playing darts, reading, Netflix and shopping. Nothing much, we were really exhausted. 

Taking time to write my blog
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