Day 113 - On our way to Bogota, our next Colombian stop

Publiée le 20/08/2019
We left Santa Marta to Baranquilla airport (4 hours by bus) and flew to Bogota in the evening. Our last stop in our Colombian trip

We landed in Bogota around 9:30 pm. It was freezing cold ! 9°C. Ryan and I were only wearing short and tank tops, coming from the Caribbean coast where it is 40°C. 

Once our bags received, we tried to find somewhere to have some food, but everything in the airport was closing. We decided to head directly to the hostel located in the neighborhood called La Candaleria, the historic neighborhood. From the Airport the taxi was 30 000 pesos and it took us less than 20 minutes to reach our final destination. 

We have checked in BoGo hostel, a nice chill hostel with a rooftop from where you can admire the lights of the city at night. On the way we have seen a nice place where they were selling Arepas (local food with corn bread and condiments such as eggs, meat, cheese, vegetables, etc). We walked there. I was really surprised by the number of the soldiers in the streets. La Candaleria is a student area, it looks like a big campus and is super safe. we have seen a lot of women walking alone in the streets without any problem. 

After we got our arepa, we made our way back to the hostel for a nice night of sleep. 

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