Day 81 - Hiking in the Cocora Valley

Publiée le 02/07/2019
Salento is known for two things : the coffee farms and the Cocora Valley located 30 minutes away and only reachable by Jeep (if you don’t have your own vehicule of course).

You have departures all day long from the main plaza. Buy your ticket at the little office (16000 round trip) and get into one of these fancy jeeps where you can fit 12 people. The nice trick if you don’t want to get stuck sitting between people, be the last one the get on board so the driver will offer you to stand on a small plateform behind the Jeep. You will be able to enjoy the view and have a fun time. 

Once the Jeep stops in the car park, you have two options : either hike for 5 hours, or rent a horse. I chose the hiking. As it is a loop, you have two options: either you start by the Cocora Valley and finish with the rainforest, or the other way around. We have started with the Cocora Valley. Giant palm trees, green grass, horses, and hills. The sun was out, I was able to take nice pictures which I am glad to share with you.

At one point you will have the choice between hiking uphill towards the hummingbirds’ house ( there is an entry fee) or hike downhill to finish the loop. 

For the food in Salento: on the main plaza you have street food with chicken, meat, vegetables, rice, pasta, ceviche, etc.. which are a bit expensive comparing to the others I have seen all along my trip in South America. Or the other option is going to the restaurant. I really appreciated one which is called Brunch, the food is excellent,big portions and affordable prices. 

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