Day 96 - On our way to Minca

Publiée le 03/08/2019
After being certified open water divers, and our head full or memories, we decided to go to the rainforest near by Santa Marta to rest for 3 days, and swim in the waterfalls

How to get there and where to stay ?

Minca is a small village located an hour away from Santa Marta. Because we were four of us, we decided to share a cab from Taganga  in order to get quickly. It only cost us 50 000 pesos, so bit more than $14 US, decided by 4. Cheap and good deal. 

The hostel we are staying is located near by a river, and is known for its good quality. Rio Elemento is more a resort than an actual hostel, even though the prices are still pretty cheap, the beds are really confortable and the breakfast is included. We got there early in the morning and had the whole afternoon free. 

Rio Elemento's swimming pool

What to do in Minca

- Hike towards a waterfall called Pozo Azul. From the hostel it is a 45 mins to 1 hour hike through the bushes and the rainforest, on a small path. Once you get there, you can swim in different natural baths. You can also jump from the cliff next to the waterfall. Really nice and quiet place, and FREE ACCESS ! To go back to Minca you have two options. Either you hike all the way back, through the bushes or along the road (2 hours hike), or you can take a moto taxi for a good price. We walked back to the hostel. 

- Go watch the sunset in Casa Elemento (free access if you stay in Rio Elemento, 10 000 pesos if not). From downtown Minca either you take a moto taxi for 25 000 pesos one way, or you take a big jeep for 50 000 pesos/person round trip. The driver will wait for you on the parking Lot. Casa Elemento is located on top of the mountains and offers a beautiful view on the valley and Santa Marta for the sunset. It is known for the view but also for the giant hammocks where you can lay and enjoy the view. However, the prices are a bit expensive. 

- Visit a chocolate or coffee plantation: We havent done this activity overthere because it is similar to Salento. But the region of Minca offers great coffee and chocolate farm. if you don't have time you can always visit the chocolate museum, which is free. 

Sunset from Casa Elemento
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