Day 78 - Copa America

Publiée le 01/07/2019
Today is a big day for Colombia. The national team is playing their first game of Copa America against Argentina.

For those who have no clue of what Copa America is, let’s say it is an international soccer competition involving the teams of South America + Quatar and Japan ( no idea why these two are part of the Copa America).

As you might know, football (or soccer) is part of the Latin American culture and everybody follows the national team and show their support. Today’s game is a really big one as it is the entrance in the tournament, against one of the biggest team of the competition, Argentina of Leo Messi (France won against them in the World Cup 4-3. It was an epic game, let’s see how colombia goes).

The game was starting at 4pm. As we été late for the kick off, we have watched the first half in a cosy bar, where everybody was drinking ... wine. First time in my entire life that I have seen people watching football and drinking wine. At half time we moved to a plaza were people were watching the game in the streets. Everything escalated quickly ...

The 9 of us got a table in the street, in front of a screen and we’ve ordered 4 bottles of rhum. Everybody was really quiet except us, the Gringos of Cali ! One of us bought a vuvuzela. We were cheering and drinking, giving the crowd a good time. When Colombia scored the first goal, We’ve gone crazy.

After the game, we were dancing and partying in the streets with the locals. The final score was 2-0 for Colombia. Cali was on fire, as we were. 

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