Day 89 - Playa Blanca

Publiée le 22/07/2019
The girl reached the hostel in the evening yesterday, and agreed to spend the day at the beach. We decided to go to la Playa Blanca, the most famous beach around Cartagena, but also the most crowded ...

After.a quick breakfast on the street and stop by the supermarket to buy some stuff for lunch, we headed back to the harbor where we've met the vendor yesterday. But she wasn't there anymore. No panic, there are dozens of vendors and tours agencies around the harbor, and they will all come to you. After few bargains, we decided to go with this guy who offered us a round trip to Playa Blanca in a mini-van for 35 000 pesos. 

Something you have to know about Colombian buses is that they will not leave until the bus is not full. They will wait until the last seat is taken, so if you are the first costumer on board, you will wait for a long time. This is what happened to us, waiting an hour in a mini-van with no A/C on. Just horrible. 

When the driver finally decided to leave with a fully packed mini-van, the drive was 2 hours long before reaching Playa Blanca. 

Once you get off the mini-van, get ready to be harassed by dozens of street vendors or locals who try to sell you the best spots and beach-chairs deals on the beach. As advised by the bus driver, we went all the way to end of the beach, where there are less people, so less crowded, and you can actually swim there (You will notice a certain amount of boast, jetskis and other engines which work with petrol, the same petrol you will smell in the water while swimming If you are staying on the first part of the beach). 

Over there we have found a nice beach bar with hammocks, swings and nice music. The prices of the cocktails were not that expensive and pretty good. 20 000 pesos for a poco loco, which is basically 2 shots or rhum, coconut water, sugar and everything inside a real coconut. Delicious I highly recommend ! 

For the ones who are seeking for a more complete experience in Playa Blanca, you could also stay in one of the hostels or resorts on the beach for an awesome night next to a bonfire. The easiest way to get there would be by boat, directly from the harbor. You might be able to find cheap deals through your hostel. 

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