Day 116 - Free food tours

Publiée le 20/08/2019
Another day in la Candaleria, another opportunity to discover more about the Colombian culture, and its food !

From the same company as the free walking tours, we decided to discover the culinary specialties of the Colombian capital city. We already had the typical chocolate con queso. 

We had the 10am tours so went to the first stop: a coffee shop, for a really nice and traditional meal. The tours is well organized, and in each stops you will have the chance to try a typical food or drink. As a free walking tours, it is based on tips, so all the beverages and dishes are included in the tours, you will not need to pay for anything. 

Make sure to come with an empty stomach cause you will eat a lot ! My favorite one was the beer made of coca leaves, incredible taste. 

During this tours you will also have the chance to see incredible murals, like the ones here under. 

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